if you’re ever feeling lazy just remember that the ancient greeks believed their gods lived on top of a very climbable hill but no one even bothered to check

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christian bale my favorite actor i hate that he caught up in this moses shit

An " associate " of mine has girlfriend me and the rest of our mutual friends know likes 2 mess around. They share a house & car together & have been together 4 alittle over 3 years. His girl has a side nigga who's always at the house playing his games, wearing his slippers and actually sat in the room while my associate's girlfriend got undress then dressed again. The guy has openly admitted to fucking his girl many times but my associate does NOTHIN but lashes out and still stick w/ her....1/2


Part 2 just asked me what would I do as all of the 3 niggas involved.

As her main nigga: I woulda been left that bitch. That nigga wild as hell. She must be hella pretty and he got low self esteem and think he can’t pull another one like that. I on’t care if she look like Nicki Minaj, she not finna have me out here looking foolish. Nah.

As the side nigga: I can’t tell if y’all are cool with the side nigga? If not, he shoulda just stayed in his lane. Enjoying the fruits of his labor. If y’all are, which it seems like, He did the real nigga thing by letting y’all know. But at the end of the day, his responsibility is not to this sham they calling a relationship. He outchea like he should be. 

As you: You gotta mind ya business. I done seen plenty niggas get lost in the sauce and it’s nothing you can do for em. They gotta find out on they own. Hopefully it don’t take anything too serious for him to realize, but you can’t talk him out of it. 





stop using “it’s just my opinion” to justify your bigotry.

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i wanna hold ur stupid fuckin hand and kiss ur stupid fuckin lips and lean against ur stupid fuckin shoulder and cuDDLE UP WITH YOU UNDER THE STUPID FUCKIN BLANKETS AND HAVE STUPID FUCKIN CONVOS W U ABOUT EVERYTHIN G GOD IM SO MAD UR SO FUCKIN CUTE 

this person is not allowed in my house

my mama said i gotta come home right now immediately